Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay, so once again it took me forever to do some updating. But hey, I needed something exciting to put on here right? Last night was Morp, this is the girl ask guy dance before Prom; Morp is Prom backwards. It was one of the funnest nights ever. We had 7 couples: Me & Cal, Casey & Nick, Maggie & George, Michelle & Chris, Kathy & Drew, Tara & Alex, and Brooke & Trevor. We started off at Maggie's house with the Cro-lympics by playing ultimate croquet and some other random game. Then we had a barbecue for dinner and following that we had an awards ceremony. We had just gone and gotten some funny awards from the dollar store, so it was great. It was also Kathy's dad's birthday so we went and surprised him and sang him Happy Birthday. We still had some time to kill before the dance so we just hung out outside Kathy's house then we went over to Michelle's house and played a game call 'Imagine If...' and it was hilarious. We played in couples and Cal & I kept getting the most random ones that took a lot of thinking...not so good when I am not very creative. Then we headed over to the dance and danced for a little bit and went to get in line for pictures, it took about an hour waiting in line and doing the group and singles. After that we went back to Maggie's house and made parfaits(ice cream, fruit dessert) and watched 'Mulan.' It was so funny because all of us could pretty much quote the entire movie. We finished about 12:15 and took the guys home and went to sleep, it felt so good. Sorry, I only had my camera during the games so that's all the pictures that will be on here until I get some more from my friends. Kathy & Drew inside Maggie's house, awaiting the rest of the couples Cal hitting the ball to the first hole As we were setting it up we had found a dead bird, so during the game Chris picked up its skull with a stick and was showing it off Casey & Nick with their mallet Chris found a pink jump rope so he was trying to pick up everything with it Kathy & Drew decided to play some stick pole.... Maggie & George after they finished the game Lets just say that Cal was making weird faces the entire night In Maggie's basement their play area is like a castle so we were having fun in it. Kathy went inside and was sticking out of the window Nick found the seat inside the castle Cal & Chris were trying to decide if they should go in or not Drew was a little too tall for the door way Chris was mediating in the castle seat Cal & I at the awards ceremony